Hybrid Lecture Hall title image

On day one of our hybrid program, a group of 20 students filed into a classroom on campus. Their professor was already there. But what made this class different is they were also joined by a group of 20 additional students who were participating online, from various locations around the globe. And I was there […]

MOOC Hype Cycle - Part 2

In part 1 of this series, I talk about how MOOCs have experienced a somewhat circular evolution. It feels like the goal of MOOCs is no longer “more Massive, more Open”, but instead to provide a more targeted, personalized learning experience. While pure MOOCs will continue to exist, many MOOC providers are now offering programs […]


If MOOCs had delivered on the most optimistic of their expectations, small remote villages might be halfway through the development of a self-driving car. Microsoft might be flooded with applicants who didn’t graduate high school but aced their Big Data course. The great ambition for MOOCs was to democratize education, allowing anyone, anywhere, with any […]


Over the summer, we ran a one credit course on the subject of Community Medicine. The course was unique in that each week was taught by a different expert in Community Medicine. The course’s online format made this possible, because in a brick-and-mortar course it would be impossible (or just plain expensive!) to bring each […]