Let us install Open Edx for you

Open EdX Implementation

We provide secure, scalable EdX instances for any type of installation. All installations include industry best security practices, a custom theme, and the right setup for the number and type of users you expect. Let us build you out a demo sandbox, and then seamlessly scale it as you grow.

Open EdX Customization & Xblock Development

We've helped clients build custom graders, reporting, navigation and other features and xblocks. And we've integrated with third party service providers to enable live classrooms, chat, proctored examinations and more. EdX is great out of the box, but we can help make it awesome for your organization.

Open EdX Hosting

Hosting should be simple. We take the hassle out of your hands, providing 24/7 monitoring, upgrades on named releases, and maximum uptime.

Want quality courses? We'll help you build them.

Media & Studio Support [demo]

We provide support in building media studios that make it possible for faculty to focus on teaching, not technology.

Adaptive Simulations

Advanced adaptive simulations that enable case-based, adaptive learning with professional video or animation. This feature cannot be accessed from our courses page, please contact us if you would like a demo.

Open Edx Branding [demo]

Personalize Open EdX with your brand's identity. We make branding easy by presenting you with options for colors and layouts based on your existing materials.

Custom XBlocks [demo]

Flexible Graders, Custom Dashboards for student grades/progress, Enrollment Workflows, Enhanced Navigation, and Timed Assessments are just a few of the Xblocks we've built.

Accelerators & Templates

Our custom templates provide easy-to-use checklists for each step of the course development process. Use them to start from scratch or to convert existing courses into an online format.

Proctored Examinations

Through our partnership with Verificient, we can set up fully virtual online proctoring for classes of any size. Ensure that your students are not cheating through easy to digest reports, summaries, and video.

Delivery Support/HelpDesk

Whether you are looking for ongoing instructor support or a helpdesk for students, we can provide a range of options to keep your students (and instructors) satisfied.

Check out samples of our work or get in touch