Training Package | $650

Eliminate the confusion and make your people more confident with in-depth training sessions.

What’s Included:

  • 2-3 hour training session
  • Recording of training session
  • “Step-by-Step” documentation with screenshots
  • Access to online training course, as applicable
  • Access to accelerators and templates, as applicable
  • No limit on trainees per session

Live Virtual Training Session

Schedule a 2-3 hour session with as many users as you like. Choose from one of the common packages below or create your own. Live sessions allow users to bring up pain points, work with real courses, and ask questions.

“Step-by-Step” Documentation

Get image-heavy, step-by-step documentation for all the Open edX tasks in the training.

Online Training Courses

Get access to online training courses for Open edX course builders, instructors and administrators. Courses include exercises and assignments to train the novice and remind the expert!

Accelerators and Templates

Get unlimited access to the same accelerators and templates that we use to build courses in Open edX. These assets help users cut course design time by 50%!


Choose a pre-built package or create your own.

Effective Course Design
For Subject Matter Experts

  • Platform Overview
  • The Course Development Process
    • Process Overview
    • Building a Course Checklist
    • Grading Outline
  • Course Modes
    • Synchronous
    • Asynchronous
  • Activities & Classroom Engagement
Building a Course
For Instructional Designers

  • Platform Overview
  • Creating a Course
  • Set Schedule & Details
  • Team Member Roles
  • Drafting an Outline
    • Video
    • Problems
    • Discussion
    • Uploading Static Content
  • Controlling Visibility
  • Grading
  • Export/Import Courses
Running a Course
For Admin & Instructors

  • Platform Overview
  • Team Member Roles
  • Moderating the Discussion
  • Instructor Dashboard
  • Enrollment
  • Data Analysis
  • Common Advanced Settings
  • Certificates
  • The Django Admin Panel
  • Password Management
Advanced Management
For Technical Staff

  • The Django Admin Panel
    • Staff/Superuser
    • Password Management
  • SysAdmin Dashboard
    • Create/Delete User
    • Delete Course
  • Basic Troubleshooting
    • Restart the platform
    • Compile Assets
    • Forums
  • Xblocks

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