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Customized Interactive Exercises

Encouraging interaction, reflection and engagement with course material ensures lasting learning. With deep knowledge of active learning pedagogies and a wide-range of embedded and third-party engagement tools, our team can create customized exercises and assessments. We build tailored experiences so your learners will successfully meet the goals of your course or training program.

Style Guides

Connecting your online courses and training programs to your organization’s brand is important. Our team is able to connect your branding and build a consistent look and feel by creating a style guide. Not only does this enhance the aesthetic of your course, it also helps your learners navigate and interact more effectively.

Multi-modal Content

Dynamic and impactful courses require a mixture of content to support different learners. Using the source materials such as text, videos, presentation slides provided by our clients, our team is able to ensure a multimodal mix of content by creating educational graphics and charts, embedding videos, and translating long training documents or handbooks into digestible course content.

Our Success Stories

An online public health program wants to expand

Our client wanted to expand their existing on-campus public health department to offer an additional fully-online track as well as convert their core track to a dual-delivery program. We worked with the 24 faculty to train them on the pedagogical and technical skills to be comfortable building courses in Open edX®. We also consulted with the department to design a communication, onboarding, and iterative improvement plan to serve these new online students. This client was able to massively expand their program by 10x in part by being able to serve students with this flexible model.
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A high-tech educator wants to build hands-on skills

Our client wanted to develop hands-on, skills-based courses in the fields of automation, IoT, Python, and Data Science. We designed and worked with their faculty to build a program that combined self-paced training, hands-on labs, and an online community for support and troubleshooting. Students were able to develop skills in Raspberry Pi, IoT sensors, smart lighting, and more. For their capstone project, students were able to build a working smart sprinkler system that would adjust watering based on temperature, humidity and the future forecast. We were also able to leverage our offshore team to efficiently build a catalog of skill-specific python and data science exercises. And using a combination of open-source and 3rd party integrations with Open edX® we were able to provide the students with automated feedback and instant grades.

A global nonprofit wants to reach their stakeholders across the world

Our client had created and presented a highly successful live training program, but their audience was global and the trainers’ time was limited. We supported the client in building an asynchronous course that would still create spaces for interaction, reflection, and application of course material. Our team was able to create new exercises that would mimic the traditional, live group discussions into interactive, personalized activities for the scalable, asynchronous version of the course. With a mixture of custom case-based activities, third-party and native edX tools, we were able to create practical and engaging exercises in each module. We’ve also been able to smoothly deliver this client’s courses in multiple languages using Open edX®’s cohort feature and some custom x-block development.
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