One of the more basic components of an online course is the video. Video often serves as a first impression for your students, and bad audio and video can doom an otherwise good course. There are a lot of ways that you can–and should!–approach creating video for your online courses. In fact, the more you […]

  The most exciting part of building online courses is not transitioning the components of a course online, but rather identifying which components of a course are made superior by doing them online. In my opinion, recognizing which parts of a course are better delivered online and which aren’t is a critical component of being […]


Over the summer, we ran a one credit course on the subject of Community Medicine. The course was unique in that each week was taught by a different expert in Community Medicine. The course’s online format made this possible, because in a brick-and-mortar course it would be impossible (or just plain expensive!) to bring each […]