is a dynamic and versatile team of experts, who have been instrumental in building our MPH Online Program to one that is considered a beacon for all online programs at St. George's University. They are resourceful, innovative, and responsive. We could not have accomplished this program without their support.
Dr. Christine Richards
Chair, Department of Public Health & Preventive Medicine, St. George's University fit in well with our faculty team of engineers and data scientists. They not only helped us increase the speed at which we were able to develop courses, but they also solved some really significant challenges for us around teaching hands-on topics like application development, data science, and Raspberry Pi.
Gregory Waters
Founder and Executive Chair, MatrixSpace
We've worked with since 2016 on our online courses promoting democracy across the world. John is the most professional developer I've ever worked with, and I've appreciated's ability to scale with our needs and be clear about the process & deliverables for each project.
Jared Ford
Innovation & Technology Advisor, National Democratic Institute
We have been working with Curricume for several years to maintain and refresh our courses. The team has been instrumental in supporting our research efforts by helping to collect and analyze course analytics and user data.
Sarah Chobot Hokanson
Assistant Vice President & Assistant Provost, Boston University PostDoc Affairs
One of the things I have appreciated about working with [Shannon] on our MOOCs on AlaskaX is your experience with Open edX. I strongly feel that it is important to take advantage of the built-in functionality of Open edX on the production platform rather than resorting to third party tools, and your knowledge of the Open edX functionality and simply knowing what is possible has come in really handy in supporting our approach to course design.
Sean Holland
Sean Holland
eCampus Director, University of Alaska Fairbanks
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Jack Cush
Dr. Jack Cush
Founder and President,