Design an engaging

Provide interactive
learning features

Build relevant
course games

Grow with advanced
data analysis

Are these challenges familiar?

  • You have an® or Open EdX® online course but it lacks features to engage learners
  • Your instructional design team doesn’t have the time to create the EdX® course you desire
  • You want better course aesthetics, assessments, and engagement but don’t have enough experience to make it happen, or
  • You want to create an EdX® course but find the steep learning curve too daunting
  • You’re new to EdX® and don’t know where to begin, who to work with, or what success looks like
Get the expert support you need

Meet Your Online Course Development Partner is the original, US-based Open EdX® vendor since 2013. When organizations and individuals need high-quality courses on EdX® and Open EdX®, they call us. We’ve been working on Open EdX® since it was launched and we help our clients build engaging learning experiences they’re proud of. And because we’re small and agile with fine-tuned processes, we do it in half the time it takes an in-house instructional design team.

Trusted by superb partners in the®
and Open EdX® space

Exceed what you thought was possible
with your EdX® course

Edx Course Development

EdX® Course Development

Video recordings with assessments aren’t enough for impactful learning experiences. Build interactive experiences that create lasting impressions.

Curriculum and Instructional Design

Curriculum & Instructional Design

Leverage our expertise in learner experience and instructional methods to design interactive and personally relevant online course pathways.

Open Edx Customization

Open EdX® Customization

When you need “something more” to deliver your course, we can help you leverage custom x-blocks, APIs, integrations, and more to give your users precisely the experience you envision.


Promote active learning and high engagement levels with games. They’re built around your course content and are graded in EdX® so you don’t take students out of the course experience

Online Education Consulting

Online Education Consulting

We have a comprehensive team led by 10 years of experience in® and Open EdX®. We can help you find the straightest path to your goals.

Advanced Course Data Analysis

We can dig into your data to unravel performance insights and find creative ways to attract, delight, and engage your online course learners.


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Student Satisfaction

Our clients have nice things to say about us

Jared Ford

Innovation & Technology Advisor, National Democratic Institute

We've worked with since 2016 on our online courses promoting democracy across the world. John is the most professional developer I've ever worked with, and I've appreciated's ability to scale with our needs and be clear about the process & deliverables for each project.

Christine Richards

Chair, Department of Public Health & Preventive Medicine, St. George's University is a dynamic and versatile team of experts, who have been instrumental in building our MPH Online Program to one that is considered a beacon for all online programs at St. George's University. They are resourceful, innovative, and responsive. We could not have accomplished this program without their support.

Gregory Waters

Founder and Executive Chair, MatrixSpace fit in well with our faculty team of engineers and data scientists. They not only helped us increase the speed at which we were able to develop courses, but they also solved some really significant challenges for us around teaching hands-on topics like application development, data science, and Raspberry Pi.