John Swope


My interest in open online education is driven by what I see as a common sense future for what education should be. When I was attending school at New York University it was at the height of the concern around the ballooning cost of college. And I was also one of the many who didn’t use much of my chosen degree once I left university. But I have always found ways to keep on learning. The future of education is available and it is life-long, and open courses will play a part in that future.
After spending a few years in technology consulting for pharmaceuticals, I have spent over 10 years working with universities, government, private businesses, and individuals on their online learning projects. Over that time, I’ve run my own Open EdX platforms and supported clients’ x-blocks, integrations, and customizations. I’ve trained organizations large and small on the system and templates for rapid course development in Open EdX®. And I’ve built hundreds of courses across all versions of Open EdX. I love finding ways to leverage the Open EdX® platform and the greater online learning landscape to solve new challenges in every course I work with. I love designing courses that tell a coherent story, with an aesthetic that feels modern and engaging. I’m a nerd, so I love digging deep into the data that comes out of these courses. Mostly, I love the clients that I get to work with and I’m constantly trying to exceed whatever they originally thought was possible with their online courses.

Shannon Rushe


My first foray into creating online learning tools was in collaboration with a school in rural Arusha, Tanzania where our team created learning objects that were downloaded onto solar-powered tablets to be used in areas without consistent electricity or internet access. Hearing from the students and teachers about the ways they used these tools to improve learning opened my eyes to the endless opportunities created by online and mobile education. I have since considered online learning as the gateway to accessible education. 
I have spent over ten years working in higher education along the entire spectrum of teaching and learning. Working as a Learning Designer for open, online courses on the Open EdX® platform allows me to bring together my expertise in the learner experience and instructional methods to create meaningful learning experiences. I am an advocate for active learning in online courses and enjoy working with clients to find creative ways to engage learners. I believe that interactive and personally-relevant online courses are the future of education whether you are completing a ‘traditional’ degree, upskilling for professional advancement, or pursuing a general love of learning.

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Shannon is based out of Toronto, but she also travels a lot!

John lives in New Hampshire with his wife and two young boys.

Marko is a video editor who lives with his three dogs.

Shikha is one of our developers and a self-professed tea addict!

Manoj is an instructional designer and your typical cricket fan.

Yasir is a programming wizard and has worked with us for over 8 years.

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